The Many Types Of Home Security

A security system intends to make us aware of any invasion of illegal bodies in our house. To protect our home from thieves security alarms are used.  Commonly a lock is used for home security. The advancement in technology has improved the security of modern houses. For examples- fire alarms, closed-circuit television etc., are among the popular security systems. It is very difficult and puzzling to select a security system. It is very important to ensure that the security system we opt for our home should safeguard our property and dear ones and suit our budget and lifestyle. It is not only sufficient to go for door and wall protection, but you should also take care of indoor and outdoor security systems of your home by door and wall protection.

Security system is of different types  
1. Monitored System: Normally many houses use a monitored system alarm as well as door and wall protection. This system alerts the call center which further contacts the police.
o    We can make contact with police when the alarm is activated.
o    Your call will be verified by the call center.
o    Its connection is out door and so can be easily cut by a thief.
o    While the alarm alerts the police and it reaches at the spot the thief gets enough time to steal some items.
o    It is costly.

2. Unmonitored System: In this type of security system when the alarm is set off a loud siren inside and outside the house rings. The special characteristic of rubber flooring suppliers is that it has flash lights to attract the attention of the people.
•    Merits:
o    Monitoring is free.
o    In case of absence of the owner the neighbors can call the police.
o    Siren can frighten the thief.
•    Demerits:
o    In case of neighbour’s negligence the police can’t be contacted.
o    When the alarm rings the owner can’t be contacted directly.

3. Wireless Alarm System: This is available at any local hardware store. Sensor, cameras, beams, and motion detectors can be fitted with it.
•    Monitoring is free of cost having desired settings.
•    Its installation is easy.
o    It becomes costly as the batteries are to be replaced very often.
o    Much distance between sensors and cameras.

4. Electric Current Home Alarm: This alarm is popularly used in modern houses. This alarm rings on opening doors and windows. These are mostly preferred by families having kids who don’t want their kids to open the doors and windows.
•    Produce a stable current all over the house.
•     Doors and windows are continuously monitored.

•    Their working is sometimes hindered by electrical currents.
•    They are also affected by lightning.

So a security system should be chosen wisely according to our need.