Different Kinds Of River Cruises

If you are planning a river cruise, you can choose one among the different cruises offered along the Murray river. This river in South Australia is one of the popular destinations for river cruises. There are several luxury tour operators who operate river cruises along different parts of this river’s cruise. This river is the longest river in the country which traverses a total of well over two thousand five hundred kilometers. The landscape that it traverses offers varied and contrasting sceneries, thus creating attractive tourist packages for river cruises along its way.
Easy to access trips
If you are in Melbourne or Adelaide, you will surely find it easy to book a houseboats for hire in Murray river SA or cruise along the Murray river which is reached within a few hours from these cities. If you thought that you would get only one kind of cruise along the river, you are mistaken. There are cruises that are designed for different parts of the river. You could opt for a cruise that takes you to the Coorong lake region or opt for a river run cruise along the Murray river. There are Wentworth river cruises in this region as well.
Different categories of cruises
There are different kinds of cruises as well. With paddle boats, steamers, barges and other boats plying the river, it is not difficult to gain a unique experience traveling in either of them. You could opt for a paddle steamer tour or a smaller boat tour. You can choose among houseboats for hire in SA which are several. These are available in different sizes and with varying facilities. You could choose a boat as per the number of people in a group and the kind of facilities you are looking for. You could hire a luxury houseboat with a queen size bedroom and liquors stocked kitchenette or you could opt for a basic features equipped houseboat that can accommodate a larger group of people.
Choosing a tour package
There are several tour operators that have different vessels operating on the Murray river and cruises are designed around them. You can visit their sites and take a look at the different vessels and cruises on offer. Every vessel has its unique feature which makes it ideal for different people. Some are ideal for large groups while others are designed for smaller groups of people.
Varying duration of tours

The duration of the cruises varies as well. Some offer five night cruises while others offer weekend or two night tour. As per the interest of the visitors the tour operators offer the right vessel which would be ideal for their trip. Many people like a long, leisurely trip on the river with opportunities to check out in detail. Some love to watch wildlife that surrounds the river, at daytime as well as during the night.