Cleaning Your Carpets The Right Way

Are you taking proper care of the carpets in your home? You need to make sure that you vacuum them at least once a week, and possibly more often. If you vacuum your carpets regularly, you can extend their lifetime by a good amount. This is because one of the biggest killers when it comes to carpets is the grit and sand that can get stuck in it. Over time and under pressure, the friction between the grit and the material of the carpet can lead to the material wearing out and even getting cut in some places. If you can, try to dedicate some of your time every month to clean out the hard to reach grit that is really stuck in the crevices of your carpet, especially around places that the carpet meets something like a radiator or an A/C unit.
Tips for Vacuuming Your CarpetIf you want to vacuum carpet flooring that covers the entire area of a room, don’t think of it as the whole room that needs to be cleaned at once. Instead, mentally split the floor into different sections and then focus on vacuuming each section as thoroughly as you can before moving on to the next one. Don’t be in a hurry either. If you have one of the plush, fluffy carpets, you know how deeply the dirt can get into the fibers and folds of the carpet. No matter how powerful your vacuum cleaner is, it isn’t going to get all the dirt out with a single pass. Take your time with your sections and go as slow as you can to allow the more stubborn bits and pieces to get dragged out.
Tips for Cleaning Stains and SpillsCarpet flooring is very vulnerable to spills and stains. Always clean these up as soon as they happen, because a fresh spill is much easier to get rid of than an old one. First off, make sure that you get rid of excess moisture on the stain. Blot it with a dry cloth. Then make sure that the cleaning solution you are going to use is one that you can trust not to destroy the color of your carpet. Some of the stronger cleaning solutions even work like bleach and completely destroy gorgeous carpets without a second thought.
Always make sure that you aren’t overdoing the cleaning. This can cause your carpet to grow tired of life and wear out long before its lifetime is up. Maximize its lifetime by being meticulous and thorough with the cleaning you do. Clean it regularly and you should be fine.
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