Best Fabrics For Houses With Pets

Tired of cleaning fur and drool and hairballs from your favourite couch and the brand new sofa? Then you might have to rethink your whole fabric system in the house. Most cats and dogs love ending up in your couch and armchair for their daily nap time and also for just chilling and sometimes you do not have the heart to tell them off. So here are some professional recommendations to use as fabrics when you end up refurbishing your furniture.

●    Not the tweeds

While you might love the tweedy fabric you saw at the supermarket that would end up suiting your interior design the best, it might not be the best solution to have in the house when it comes to keeping your pet’s fur signs and other signs hidden. Patterns are the best to have in fabric you are using for your property management and refurbishing as it will hide pet fur and stains very well depending on which patterns you use. Make sure to use the dominant colour in the pattern that is the same as your pet’s colour.

●    Synthetic is easy

Tweeds and cotton is harder to get rid of fur and stains as these get in between the weave and the threads but ultra suede and microfiber material are known to be easier to clean as you can just soap and water to rid the worst stains. Cats seem to be less enthusiastic about scratching this material as well.

●    Outdoor fabric might be best

This type is available almost anywhere and is the best for cleaning and looking great. The colour palette and patterns vary in a wide scope and the materials are also natural so you will not have to worry about destroying the environment. Although it is not soft as synthetic, it is better when it comes to aesthetic appeal. To know more about property advocates Melbourne, visit this page.

●    Leather is good if you can afford it

Genuine leather is good to have due to its resistance to stains and fur. But it is hard to afford such luxuries and there is the case of where leather originated from. You can always go for synthetic leather, which does the same work in a more guilt-free conscious basis. Cats are less likely to end up sleeping or scratching on leather and dogs are too and there will be less scuff marks on the furniture and you will have won the property management Melbourne award for the year. Chenille, velvet, wool, linen, silk and tweed are the materials to avoid and going for the synthetic versions of the smooth fabric types will save you a whole lot of cleaning and stain removal time.