A Trip To Italy

Cathy Baker and her daughter Marlene had been planning a trip to Italy for three years now. They’d saved up much of the money from their salaries, after the bills were paid, and still it was not enough to cover all the costs that their trip would entail.
Consequently, they agreed that taking out holiday loans was the wisest decision they could make in order for their dream to come true. It wouldn’t be a large amount and they would be able to pay it back before the end of the next year.
The holiday loans would give them some breathing space. They would be able to enjoy good food without worrying about how much money is left in their wallets. After watching Under the Tuscan Sun, the mother-daughter pair had become obsessed with the beauty that Italy has to offer. They began reading up on the cities of Venice, Rome, Genoa, Naples and Milan.
They were interested in the pasta culture and the use of sun-dried tomatoes. They’d read that tomato paste was created in Italy, and tomato paste evolved from this creation. A paste that is integral in many pasta meals. The basil pesto made in the country was also said to be much more flavourful than experienced anywhere else in the world.
Naples was renowned for its unique pizza, as well as its ice-cream. This city was a priority for them to visit. Christopher Columbus was from Genoa, a country that also gave their name to the word “jeans”. This is where merchants got the material from hundreds of years ago.
Milan is a cultural hub in northern Italy, it’s been around since ancient times. And Rome is called the eternal city. It remains one of the most important cities in Europe and has been for more than two thousand years. It holds relics of its ancient and medieval past and the Vatican itself.
The gondolas in Venice were something that wanted to experience secured loans http://personalloanstore.co.nz/, and simply appreciating a city that featured so many waterways. They would be able to tour the place for a week. The plane tickets said that the flight would take twelve hours from South Africa, with a four-hour layover in Doha. It was a long time to wait, but at least that prevented them from missing the connection flight.
They had already booked their accommodation online, received their visas and decided on the restaurants they’d want to visit. The only thing left to do, after the loans are finalized, would be to pack their bags. They are set to leave in a month.